Have you ever had a gluten-free recipe turn into a complete disaster?

Something that ends up looking like this...

In the first few years of my celiac diagnosis, epic baking fails like this one were SUPER common!

I'd spend so much time money, and energy on a recipe only to have it end up in the trash can.

It was frustrating, disheartening, and made me want to give up!

But I kept experimenting and trying with different products, methods, and techniques.

And after 10 years, it was a lot of trial and error (but mostly error!)

But over time, I started to figure out what worked, what didn't, and how to not just make gluten-free recipes taste good for gluten-free..

But taste good PERIOD.

So if you're frustrated by making gluten-free recipes that don't turn out how you hoped..

If you're tired of wasting your time and money on recipes that don't taste good...

And you have a recipe in mind for the holiday season you want to be gluten-free but no clue where to start...

This masterclass is for YOU!

Inside this pre-recorded masterclass bundle...

You'll learn the techniques, products, and tips for scrumptious gluten-free recipes that will give you your
confidence back in the kitchen.

You'll have a 4-step strategy to convert ANY recipe to be gluten-free, knowing what to swap and how to avoid common problems.

PLUS you'll get
3 video tutorials for making drool-worthy gluten-free treats like cranberry bread, apple pie and gingerbread cookies, so that you can wow your family & friends!

So good, you'll have people saying, "This is gluten-free?!"

And then you can use this strategy to convert your family recipes into delicious gluten-free versions for years to come!

Meet Jen, Your Celiac Coach!

After 14+ years with celiac, I know personally how difficult it can be to miss the foods you can no longer eat, especially during holidays and celebrations!

Today as a celiac coach and gluten-free food blogger, I help my clients get back in the kitchen and create delicious gluten-free recipes with success!

When a client first came to me for help converting recipes...

And after meeting,
here's what she said:

You'll Gain Access To:

-1 Hour Recorded Masterclass
so you can come back to this and rewatch as many times as you like!

-4-Step Strategy for converting recipes to be gluten-free, with examples from common recipes found online!

-Gluten-Free Grocery Swaps for popular ingredients, like which gluten-free flours, breads, and pastas are worth your money!

-3 Recipe Tutorials:
Gluten-Free baking videos breaking down 3 delicious gluten-free baked goods, step by step!

Recipe Demos Include:

Gluten-Free Cranberry Bread
(30 Minutes)

Gluten-Free Apple Pie
(35 Minutes)

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies
(50 Minutes)

-My TOP Gluten-Free Baking & Cooking Tips
for your success: including troubleshooting common problems like texture, taste, and gumminess!

Here's what someone had to say after the masterclass!

Ready to feel more included this holiday season and for YEARS to come?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this class only for people with celiac disease?

This training is for anyone who follows a gluten-free diet or is looking to make gluten-free recipes with success!

What can I expect from taking this class?

This is a 1-hour masterclass focused on helping you convert recipes with success to gluten-free form! It also includes product recommendations and techniques for cooking/baking, plus 3 cooking recipe cooking demos.

Can I take the class at my own pace?

Yes, this is a recorded masterclass so you will go through at your own pace as their is no live teaching component or Q&A.

What if I'm not satisfied with the class?

I do not allow refunds under any circumstances. I created this masterclass and recorded it with you in mind to help you have success in the kitchen with gluten-free recipes. Please be sure before purchasing.

Please note I am not a medical professional or healthcare provider nor do I claim to be. This course should not be considered treatment for a gluten-free diet. Please speak to your doctor or healthcare professional regarding treatment for celiac disease.