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Not Medical Advice

All information and material listed on Jennifer Fitzpatrick’s online courses, programs and website, The Nomadic Fitzpatricks is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
You understand that Jen is not providing health care, medical, nutritional, or therapy services to cure any physical, mental, or emotional disease in any program or course. You agree and acknowledge that you must consult with your physician, healthcare provider, or dietitian regarding any medications, supplements, tests, or treatment options for the gluten-free diet or celiac disease.

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Resources in courses and programs may be affiliate links in which I receive a commission. This is at no extra cost to you in any way. I only recommend products I use myself and that I believe will help you overcome your gluten-free challenges.

Intellectual Property Rights

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No Guarantees. I will provide you with the most up to date information possible and the resources master your challenges in traveling, dining out, and eating with celiac disease. You accept and understand there are no guarantees of the specific outcomes of these courses and programs. You acknowledge that you are personally responsible for your choices, actions, and results of implementing the material you have learned.

Indemnity. You understand that the suggestions and recommendations made are to be taken at your own risk, and you agree to not hold Jennifer liable. You release and forever discharge Jennifer from claims or compensation relating to information, techniques, or coaching offered by Jennifer, or from damage suffered as a result of failing to seek medical advice from a professional familiar with your situation.